Sam Deane

Progress update from Chaos Towers.

Situation Normal: All Inter-Linked.

I tend to use OmniGraffle for technical diagrams (mostly due to it’s awesome handling of connections/arrows between things).

One thing that always bugs me though: making new documents. I don’t want a resource browser. I don’t need a template. Just make me a blank doc, dammit!

As offices go, this one definitely takes some beating - on the rare occasions when the sun shines, at least.

Things you don’t say very often: “I didn’t bring enough sun lotion for Inverness”.

Heading off to Inverness later today for XpoNorth. Any other games/software types who fancy meeting up there, give me a shout…

AR is significant, but it’s quite hard to get too excited about it when it’s clearly running on the wrong hardware platform.

It absolutely makes sense to prepare the way for the real platform - but it’s not massively compelling in the meantime…

I’m all for a year of just raising software quality across the board, but it would be fair to say that my WWDC-announcement whelm levels have fallen quite far below the recommended minimums.

Have fun, WWDC peeps.

I would have love to join you, but I have a self-imposed boycott on the US whilst the current administration is in power. Which is ridiculous I know, but what can ya do?

Congratulations to GitLab. I predict an uptick in subscriptions…


Experimental home-made Punjabi-style samosas FTW.

Ars Technica says “pro Mac users in certain lines of work are pretty cranky about the current state of affairs”.

No shit!

“it’s possible that Apple will take this event as an opportunity to remind us, once again, that the Mac Pro is still coming”

So sad that it’s come to this.

Testing Swift With Travis CI.

That thing where you listen to a download of something you used to own on vinyl, and your brain is still waiting for the bit where it jumps…

Anyone know the magic incantation to debug swift unit tests via lldb?

I saw a reference suggesting that lldb /path/to/the/bundle.xctest should work (despite the bundle not being an executable).

It doesn’t for me though. Am I holding it wrong?

In other news…

Currently, I am mostly Living In Linux.

Erm, careful where you put those elipses Swift:

[234/1234] Building CXX object tools/clang/lib/StaticAnal…taticAnalyzerCheckers.dir/StdLibraryFunctionsChecker.cpp.o

When it comes down to it, aren’t all apps electron-based?

runs away

On the topic of distractions, I seem to be back on the Swift / spm build system again. Which reminded me to write up some more of the tinkering I did a while back:…

One of the best things about working for myself again is being able to allow myself to get distracted.

One of the worst things about working for myself again: see above. :)

Am I having fun working on my own stuff?

Well, it’s 1.30 in the morning and I’m still coding… I take this to be a good sign.

Denizens of Glasgow - I shall be visiting your fine city approximately Tue-Sun this week. If anyone fancies coffee/beer/whatever at some point, gimme a shout.

How did I get to 3.30pm without coffee? Something Must Be Done™.

Hey, computer: play me something random from my music collection.

But not that.

Or that.

Or that.

Fleek’s sake - if you want something done right…

Recent status: noodling with GameplayKit and various other bits of game tech.

Definitely not making a game. I’d be a fool to make a game right? Not going to happen. Nah. Honest.

It’s surprisingly jarring having to go back to Obj-C, after just a few weeks noodling with Swift.