Sam Deane

Colourful supper :)

Don’t see that every day. #threemastsinthecarpark

I think the cactii are liking the new office too.

I rather like this taxonomy of exceptions:…

(came up in a recent discussion)

Problem: online shop inexplicably fails an address check on your credit card (despite entering exactly the details that the bank has), and support for said shop refuses to believe that the error might be theirs.

Solution: use different online shop.


Slightly fallen down a home-automation rabbit hole in the last few days. Now have a Raspberry Pi with an energenie control board in it, running homebridge, controlling my energenie, hue and wemo stuff, and my central heating.

#livingthedream #totallyhackablehouseprobably

Classy HP, real classy…

That warm feeling when you’ve just added filter fields to your index ui and it all works and the only file you’ve changed is the storyboard.

Still a bit of life in the old AppKit dog yet…

MacMacDev peeps - I shall be in Edinburgh on Mon 12th and Tue 13th November. I know it’s not the normal schedule, but if anyone fancies getting together for food/beer, gimme a shout.

Feels like an F♯ A♯ ∞ sort of day.

You know that thing where you were going to do a thing and then another couple of things needed doing first and you did the things and now you can’t remember the thing?


Dark mode. The emperor’s new clothes? Lasted less than five minutes for me!

Mojave! iOS 12! Trying all the new shiny today. Upgrading everything at once - what could possibly go wrong?

Then I looked up and realised that one half of the conversation was Gus Poyet. It makes more sense now :)

I only recognised one phrase from the stream of fast Italian next to me. “M K Dons”. The mind boggles.

London developer folks (and other friends), I’ll be around town on and off for the next couple of weeks; gimme a shout if you fancy a coffee/beer/lunch/chat etc…

I have an interesting mental block over the name “”. For some reason I struggle to remember it, and sometimes find myself having to look for the app icon as I can’t recall the name.

Senility setting in?

Oh Apple. Why the obsession with large phones? My iPhone 6 is actually a bit too big, but I’m just about reconciled to it. I don’t want something larger, but I would like a new phone with an A12 in it :(

As if we didn’t have enough social media networks, Mastodon seems to be gaining a little bit of traction. I’m on there as

(also Elegant Chaos is there as

Document Restoration And Xcode UI Testing

Deja vu:

  1. Considered Carthage for project
  2. fixed build of own library for Carthage
  3. faffed around trying to integrate the way I work (debug & release make different libs) with the way Carthage works
  4. accepted the inevitable and went back to doing it manually, like an animal

Diving back into building Mac desktop UIs, after a long time away. Not quite sure if nothing much has changed, or if I’m doing it wrong :).

Do people still use bindings, or is that just me?

Pondering doc / syncing for a new Mac & iOS app.

Database-ish, with a few thousand records. Will bootstrap with a single sync tech (eg iCloud), but would like to support more.

Swiftyness good. Not being tied to Apple tech a bonus.

So many options… any suggestions?

Build Swift (4.2) for Debian 9 Stretch…

Daylight robbery.